Marketing Performance Insights

rampmetrics is the most complete marketing analytics solution. We help marketing teams shift from reactive, incomplete reporting to in-depth, actionable marketing insights.


Complete Out-of-the-Box Solution

Conversion Tracking

See the full picture of when your leads first engaged, and which ones actually influenced the opportunity.

Marketing Attribution

Modern Marketing strategies and techniques are creating a need for more advanced forms of measuring marketing impact. First Touch and Last Touch attribution are useful but do not tell the entire story.

Funnel Analytics

Seamless integration with your Marketing & Sales funnel. You can even customize rampmetrics with your own date fields to capture custom events within your entire sales process.

How rampmetrics stacks up

rampmetrics answers ALL Marketing performance questions out of the box with no coding, need for BI developer or dedicated Analyst

Solution Completeness
Tracking Coverage
Ease of Use
Modern, Flexible, Complete
Answers ALL basic and
advanced B2B Marketing
Performance Questions
99.99% tracking coverage
Complete out-of-the box
Entire Marketing team can use without BI Developer, Marketing Ops or Analyst help
Native Tools
(e.g. Marketo)
Creates more questions than answers
10-20% of data is captured in a useable form
Large amount of ongoing work with very little result
Requires Marketing Operations
BI Tools
(e.g. Domo)
Starting with a blank slate. Only visualization of data that already exist
Relies on data captured by other processes
Requires BI developer(s)
Requires BI developer and
Marketing Operations
Other Apps
Only the most basic questions and requires customization to attempt anything more
60-70% of data is captured in a useable form
Assumes you will have BI Tool and BI developer
Requires BI developer, Marketing Operations, Analyst

Even more reasons to choose rampmetrics

5-Star Support

Dedicated Slack channel, just ask and we respond

API Integration

Effortlessly connect your Native Tools, BI Tools, Import from Older Apps

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Less Work + Better Data = Smarter Decisions

98% Less Work

Fully Automated. Zero Setup.

98% Better Data

With No Data Loss, Multidimensional Data, Attribution Robustness in a Complete Marketing Analytics Solution

15% Revenue Increase

Make Better Marketing Decisions

We're Marketers First

We’ve been where you are – and spent countless hours providing marketing analytics manually for our clients. We’ve taken those years of marketing operations experience and made it easy to track and show Marketing ROI through the magic of automation.

What Savvy Marketers Are Saying

Best on-boarding we’ve seen from any Mar-tech partner”

Director of Marketing

“Flexible, saas-y features, and great support

Sr Manager, Marketing Operations

“Better than Bizible”

Director of Operations

“Somehow seamlessly integrates with our very complex CRM”

Marketing Operations Manager

“Love the multi-dimensional data and ad network integrations”

Marketing Operations Manager

“The Flexible Funnel is the screen I’ve always wanted”

Director, Marketing Operations and Analytics

“rampmetrics powers our global Marketing Analytics infrastructure

Director of Digital Marketing and Operations

“Less work with better data hard to beat”

Marketing Operations Manager

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