Explore, Analyze & Present
  • Spot trends and analyze your data by choosing from hundreds of combinations
  • Personalize and customize views to share with your team
  • View your entire Funnel with robust scorecards you can download to Excel

360 Conversion Tracking

  • Automatic form fill tracking (Marketing Automation, CMS)
  • Automatic content type detection
  • Automatic UTM value capture
  • Automatic offline campaign conversion tracking (Events & Content Syndication)
  • Custom tracking via API/Webhook 
  • 360 cross domain tracking

Continuous Multi-touch Attribution

  • Online and offline campaigns
  • Opportunity Journey – View all touch points for leads/contacts in an opportunity (View-to-Win)
  • First Touch, Last Touch, All Touch attribution
  • Fractional attribution for all touch

Multidimensional Data Structure

  • Automatic multi-dimensional data structure creation
  • Track revenue, MQLs, etc. by multiple dimensions such as Medium/Source, Content type, Campaign name / Content name, Industry, Job Title and more

Funnel Integration

  • Seamless integration with Marketing & Sales funnel (MQL, Opportunity, etc.)
  • ABM, Predictive, Third Party Data integration

Data Quality 
Enforcement & Monitoring

  • Automatic, self-healing data structure
  • UTM tracking, monitoring, management
  • Source tracking, monitoring, management
  • Content tracking, monitoring, management

Native SFDC Campaigns

rampmetrics generated tracking data is pushed into to use with built-reports and BI tools.


  • Marketing Automation forms / landing pages
  • Webhook push to rampmetrics API
  • adapter (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunity, Campaigns, Campaign Member)
  • campaign integration (e.g. Events, Content Syndication List Loads)

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