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5 signs your ROI tracking might be broken

One of the hardest things about being a marketer is the ability to prove the impact of your efforts. If you’ve been tracking ROI for your digital marketing campaigns, you might have experienced the following pain points:

1. Constantly waiting on Marketing Operations team to “set up the tracking”

“Using marketing automation tools for tracking ROI is usually very time consuming and you have to set up several workflows before it can be automated.”

2. Still doing the “status slide scramble”

“Running reports and crunching numbers up to the last minute before the board meeting starts.”

3. Human error

“It happens to the best of us when dealing with complexity, speed, and limited tools. Cleaning up mistakes can ruin your week.”

4. Inaccurate marketing attribution on pipeline

“Not seeing the full journey across multiple people, campaigns, and touch points for an account can lead to the wrong channels getting the credit for the revenue.”

5. Hard to see the big picture

“Reports are not granular enough to create reliable apples-to-apples comparisons and spot trends to make better business decisions.”

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