The most complete Marketing Attribution solution for revenue-driven marketers.

Give your marketing team the intel they need to know what’s working and what’s not faster than ever before. Show marketing’s impact on sales and optimize Marketing ROI.

Meaningful account-based analytics to manage growth

Everything you need to analyze account-based programs and visualize the state of account penetration.

Get flexible and accurate insights at every stage with Full Funnel Analytics.

Get a complete view of your funnel performance. See Marketing Velocity and Conversion Rates for every step in the funnel from an account-based and person-based perspective.

Align Marketing and Sales by visualizing the complete buyer journey.

Visualize buyer journeys for accounts, opportunities and people.

The highest conversion tracking coverage means you won’t miss opportunities to optimize Marketing ROI

Track online and offline campaigns from engagement to sale. For digital campaigns, manage UTMs and content tracking. Make smarter optimization decisions with the most in-depth digital data in the industry.

In-depth, automated campaign performance insights without the complexity

Pinpoint top campaigns, spot performance trends, identity campaigns to double down on.

What Your Peers Are Saying About rampmetrics

“We use rampmetrics to visualize marketing’s contribution to qualified pipeline and identify tactics to lower customer acquisition cost. Powerful multi-touch attribution is built-in and rampmetrics has been immense time saver for our marketing operations team.”

Karen Mason
Director, Marketing Operations

“rampmetrics has provided a clear view of attribution across multiple dimensions of the Marketing funnel. The flexibility of the tool is impressive and the rampmetrics team has been exceedingly responsive in helping us set up the views we need. From UTM reporting through to Closed Won, we can slice the data with views that allow us to make informed decisions on Marketing speed and efforts.”

Kelley Brooks
Vice President, Marketing

rampmetrics has been revolutionary for measuring our impact on revenue as a marketing team. We now have insight into what sources are driving deals, and where to shift focus.”

Eric Velli
Sr. Marketing Ops Manager

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