How rampmetrics stacks up

rampmetrics answers ALL Marketing performance questions out of the box
with no coding, need for BI developer or dedicated Analyst

Solution Completeness
Tracking Coverage
Ease of Use

Modern, Flexible, Complete
Answers ALL basic and
advanced B2B Marketing
Performance Questions
99.99% tracking coverage
Complete out-of-the box
Entire Marketing team can use without BI Developer, Marketing Ops or Analyst help

Native Tools
(e.g. Marketo)
Creates more questions than answers
10-20% of data is captured in a useable form
Large amount of ongoing work with very little result
Requires Marketing Operations

BI Tools
(e.g. Domo)
Starting with a blank slate. Only visualization of data that already exist
Relies on data captured by other processes
Requires BI developer(s)
Requires BI developer and
Marketing Operations

Older Apps
(e.g. Bizible)
Only the most basic questions and requires customization to attempt anything more
60-70% of data is captured in a useable form
Assumes you will have BI Tool and BI developer
Requires BI developer, Marketing Operations, Analyst

Even more reasons to choose rampmetrics

5-Star Support

Dedicated Slack channel, just ask and we respond

API Integration

Effortlessly connect your Native Tools, BI Tools, Import from Older Apps

Demo Request

“Somehow seamlessly integrated with our very comples CRM”

Marketing Operations Manager