11 Reasons Marketing Analytics is Broken

The 11 Reasons Why Marketing Analytics is Broken are born out of 7+ years of firsthand
experience working in the trenches with a wide range of marketing team stake
holders. Behind the reasons, is our distilled learnings working side-by-side with
Marketing Executives, Demand Generation leaders, Marketing Operations teams,
Digital marketing teams and agencies, marketing analyst and data teams.

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    Conversion Tracking

    See the full picture of when your leads first engaged, and which ones actually influenced the opportunity.

    Multi-Touch Attribution

    Modern Marketing strategies and techniques are creating a need for more advanced forms of measuring marketing impact. First Touch and Last Touch attribution are useful but do not tell the entire story.

    Funnel Analytics

    Seamless integration with your Marketing & Sales funnel. You can even customize rampmetrics with your own date fields to capture custom events within your entire sales process.