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Hello Marketing World!

We are working on a new video for rampmetrics and below is the WIP video script. We thought it reads pretty well even without the visuals so let us know what you think. Our “scratch your own itch” story has really been an journey from the front lines so now we are trying to get the word out to share the good news with the B2B Marketing community.

The marketing landscape has evolved.
So why hasn’t marketing analytics?
The truth is, today’s analytics tools are one dimensional.
Unequipped for a multi-dimensional marketing world.
They’re time consuming to set up and manage.
They’re error prone and give you incomplete data.
We recognized the problem early on: marketing analytics was broken.
“Good” wasn’t good enough for us.
Nor was being stuck with limited view of what’s working and what isn’t.
Marketers deserve a better solution.
So we created one.
We built a new kind of marketing analytics tool.
Designed in house. Purpose built for our own team of marketing analytics specialists, so it had to work.
It worked so well, we wanted to share it with the rest of the marketing community.
We call it rampmetrics.
A complete marketing analytics solution, out-of-the-box
The first of its kind to offer fully automated, multidimensional analytics and multi-touch attribution—eliminating bad decisions from incomplete data.
It brings your analytics together in one place, in one complete, automated, end to end, solution—cutting setup and dropping management time to zero.
And it all comes with best-in-class, automated, quality monitoring—helping minimize problems caused by human error.
The power of this level of automation combined means:
No more struggling to show the real value of marketing.
No more over or underinvesting.
No more manual setup or reporting.
No more endlessly revising the numbers.
rampmetrics offers a revolution in marketing analytics.
Fully automated. No setup required.
If you want to get the complete marketing picture,
the confidence of knowing where to invest your money and the peace of mind of securing the budgets you need.
Start with Rampmetrics.

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