11 Reasons Marketing Analytics is Broken

The 11 Reasons Why Marketing Analytics is Broken are born out of 7+ years of first-hand experience working in the trenches with a wide range of marketing team stake holders. Behind the reasons, is our distilled learnings working side-by-side with Marketing Executives, Demand Generation leaders, Marketing Operations teams, Digital marketing teams and agencies, marketing analyst and data teams.

  1. Business Intelligence tools will not fix your marketing analytics problem, but they will reveal the problems with your data
  2. Artificial Intelligence, analyst, data scientist, are only as good as the underlying data used to make decisions
  3. One-dimensional, incomplete data is the root cause for marketing analytics frustration
  4. Marketing Automation tools cause significant data loss ranging from 80% to 98%
  5. Marketing Automation “vanity features” give glimpses of marketing attribution, just enough to be confusing or even misleading
  6. Marketing Operations does not have time to “setup the tracking”, as a result corners will be cut
  7. No amount of team training, best practices, templates will solve the problem
  8. Relying on the Marketing Ops team to setup the tracking is an inherently flawed idea in the first place
  9. Human error is very much in play with marketing analytics (and it seems problems are discovered just before a big meeting)
  10. Mistakes can go undiscovered for weeks or even months
  11. Cleaning up mistakes is time consuming and in many cases the data is not recoverable

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11 Reasons Marketing Analytics is Broken

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