CMO Marketing Analytics Challenges

When it comes to Marketing Analytics and seeing the ROI of Marketing, Marketing Executives are caught in a perfect storm of colliding root causes that at the end of the day add up to confusion, frustration and waisted marketing spend. There’s a lot of confusion about what marketing automation can do and cannot do. By design, marketing automation has stopped short when it comes to marketing analytics yet dazzling demos during the sales process have created some disillusionment. Executives are not sure if they need to get more training for the team, buy another tool, hire internally, hire consultants or all of the above.

Mismatched Expectations. What VPs have been sold as “easy to setup” or “default features” is not

Underestimating the Challenge. Marketing Operations “we can do anything” zeal can lead to overconfidence about our ability to meet the marketing team’s needs using tools that were not designed to be a complete marketing analytics solution in the first place. Ambitious teams are spending hours munging reports, doubling down on process/template improvements, and in some case developing tools in-house   

Attempts to Solve. Marketing Executives commonly try to solve the problem by buying Business Intelligence tools and hiring BI developers, getting the team more training and/or hiring consultants

Do More With What We Have. Executives commonly give the mandate to get more out of what we already have. Marketing Operations “can do” mindset can be a factor because the team feels if they just had more time they really could do more with their existing tools.

Does this sound familiar?



Justify Marketing Budgets

Data is incomplete or missing

Marketing Mix Optimization

Data doesn’t have enough depth to make high quality decisions

Confidence in the Data

Already have tools and the team is working hard but still don’t have confidence in the data

Enforce Data Quality

Lack of knowledge or tool capability

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11 Reasons Marketing Analytics is Broken

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