Marketing Attribution: Defining the Marketing Ops Way

Before we created rampmetrics, our older way of operating is what we call the “Marketing Ops Way”. The Marketing Ops Way has these foundational concepts:

People Powered Automation – Marketing Analytics starts with Marketing Operations setting something up each time. It’s a running joke that Marketing Automation is not automated but in the area of Marketing Analytics the human powered approach is a real problem (Cloning, configuring, setup check list)

Native Marketing Automation – We found that native Marketing Automation tools cause significant data loss ranging from 80% to 98%. In addition, Marketing Automation data models are inherently one-dimensional because they are not designed to be specialized Marketing Analytics tools in the first place.

Reporting Tool – Flowing data captured by Marketing Automation into a reporting tool such as CRM reporting or Business Intelligence tool is a smart idea. The real challenge is lives in what is the depth and quality of that data and how much time does it take to setup, manage and maintain the reporting tool. For example, flowing data form native marketing automation into a CRM reporting tool will not give you a marketing attribution model or engine. The attribution logic is a specialized piece of software that needs to be created. Most marketing organizations do want to write code just to see the results of marketing. Ambitious teams that write their own attribution code quickly realize the challenge of responding to change request and maintenance.

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11 Reasons Marketing Analytics is Broken

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