CMO Marketing Analytics Challenges

When it comes to Marketing Analytics and seeing the ROI of Marketing, Marketing Executives are caught in a perfect storm of colliding root causes that at the end of the day add up to confusion, frustration and waisted marketing spend. There’s a lot of confusion about what marketing automation can do and cannot do. By… Read more »

11 Reasons Marketing Analytics is Broken

The 11 Reasons Why Marketing Analytics is Broken are born out of 7+ years of first-hand experience working in the trenches with a wide range of marketing team stake holders. Behind the reasons, is our distilled learnings working side-by-side with Marketing Executives, Demand Generation leaders, Marketing Operations teams, Digital marketing teams and agencies, marketing analyst… Read more »

Marketing Attribution: Defining the Marketing Ops Way

Before we created rampmetrics, our older way of operating is what we call the “Marketing Ops Way”. The Marketing Ops Way has these foundational concepts: People Powered Automation – Marketing Analytics starts with Marketing Operations setting something up each time. It’s a running joke that Marketing Automation is not automated but in the area of… Read more »

State of Marketing Analytics

Today, the marketing industry is still struggling to achieve “marketing analytics 101” while at the same time the need for advanced marketing analytics has never been higher. What appear to be basic business questions can be difficult if not impossible to answer. “Advanced” questions are rapidly becoming the new normal expectation. Unfortunately, teams are trying… Read more »

rampmetrics Story

Hello Marketing World! We are working on a new video for rampmetrics and below is the WIP video script. We thought it reads pretty well even without the visuals so let us know what you think. Our “scratch your own itch” story has really been an journey from the front lines so now we are… Read more »